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Our Story and Mission


In today's digital era, the online marketplace is teeming with endless choices. This proliferation often leads to a concerning shift in focus from quality to quantity, diluting the value that customers should truly receive.

At Mayde, we envision a different path. We dedicate ourselves to creating superior household, pet, and lifestyle items, meticulously crafted to match the high standards of renowned industry leaders. With the aid of our advanced machine learning technology, we efficiently streamline costs and pinpoint premium products. This enables us to deliver the high-quality products you love, without the steep price tags often attached.


At Mayde, our core principles guide us to act responsibly towards what we offer to our customers - and to the world at large. Our commitment is undeterred and unwavering, always striving for superior quality and unmatched customer service. We take immense pride in providing an impressive line of affordably priced lifestyle products, designed with care for people, pets, and our planet.

Our products promise remarkable quality, tailored to fit your budget.

Let Mayde become a part of your everyday life.

Crafted by us, made for you – that’s the promise of Mayde.