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How to Install Mayde Tesla Wheel Covers


Are you ready to give your Tesla an exciting makeover? Putting on Tesla wheel covers offers a fantastic method to elevate the look of your vehicle while also safeguarding your wheels. Whether you're someone who's passionate about cars or simply aiming to inject some stylish elements into your driving experience, our comprehensive, easy-to-follow manual has you taken care of!


Gather Your Tools and Get Rolling


Prior to embarking on the installation procedure, let's ensure that you possess all the necessary prerequisites. Grab your Tesla wheel covers (ensure they're the right size for your wheels), a jack, a lug wrench, and a clean cloth. Pro tip: choose a well-lit and flat workspace – your garage or driveway would work perfectly.


Step 1: Lift Your Car Safely


To ensure a smooth installation, use the jack to lift your Tesla off the ground slightly. This gives you the space you need to work comfortably. Remember, safety first – use jack stands to secure the car before you start working.

Step 2: Loosen the Lugs


Grab that trusty lug wrench and gently loosen the lug nuts on your wheels. At this juncture, a complete removal isn't necessary; a couple of rotations will suffice. This action simplifies the task of substituting outdated wheel covers with fashionable new ones.


Step 3: Out with the Old


Gently remove the old wheel covers, if you have them. They might pop off with a bit of pressure from your hands. If they're stubborn, a rubber mallet can nudge them free. Remember to keep those for a rainy day, or if you plan on switching up your car's look in the future.


Step 4: Align and Snap


Align the tabs on your new Tesla wheel covers with the slots on your wheels. It's like fitting puzzle pieces together. Once they're lined up, apply even pressure and press them into place. You should hear a satisfying snap when they're properly attached.

Step 5: Tighten the Nuts


With the new covers securely in place, it's time to tighten those lug nuts back up. Use your lug wrench to give them a firm but not overly tight turn. This ensures your wheel covers stay snug and your ride stays smooth.


Step 6: Lower Your Car


Carefully remove the jack stands and lower your Tesla back to the ground. Give your car a little bounce – not only to admire your handiwork but also to let the wheel covers settle into their new home.


Step 7: Check for Balance


Take a short drive to make sure your wheel covers are aligned properly. If you feel any vibrations or wobbling, it might mean they need a slight adjustment. Park your car and recheck the alignment, making any necessary tweaks.

Step 8: Share Your Stylish Ride

Jazz Up Your Ride: Installing Tesla Wheel Covers Made Easy

Congratulations, you've successfully transformed your Tesla's look with the sleekness of Tesla wheel covers! Now is the moment to start your journey and showcase your fashionable vehicle. Keep in mind that putting on these covers serves a dual purpose: not only enhancing the appearance but also providing protection for your wheels against various weather conditions.


Parting Tips for Perfection


Installing Tesla wheel covers is a fun and straightforward way to give your car a fresh vibe. Remember, patience is key, especially when aligning the covers. If you're ever in doubt, consult your car manual or seek professional assistance. Enjoy the new and improved appearance of your Tesla – you've earned it!


So, there you have it – a simple guide to jazzing up your Tesla with wheel covers. Embrace the process, enjoy the transformation, and get ready to turn heads wherever you drive!

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